Top Secret Details about Nicole Richie's Wedding Revealed!

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden with Baby Sparrow.

Nicole Richie's wedding to Joel Madden is happening this weekend and we have some top secret details to share with you!
The wedding is being held at her adopted father Lionel Richie's Los Angeles mansion, where party planners have been working round the clock to make sure everything is ready for the weekend nuptials. Sources told """Rader Online"" that "Nicole is going for a vintage and romantic vibe." Nicole is known as a style icon, favoring a bohemian chic look and is definitely looking to mirror her own style in the wedding.
She also opted out of a large, extravagant affair, deciding to cut the guest list down and hosting a smaller, more intimate gathering for friends and family instead. "She didn't invite a bunch of her celeb friends," the source revealed. "This has apparently upset a bunch of people."
Remember what they say Nicole, it'syour day, so don't worry if you ruffled a few feathers along the way to get it perfect. We can't wait to see the pics!

Having a Positive Plus-Size Pregnancy - MSN Health - Pregnancy

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When Adrienne Erazo, a researcher at a newspaper in Orange, California, got pregnant the first time, the excitement over building her family was immediate and profound. As her baby started to grow, she felt a sense of purpose, like this was what she was supposed to do her whole life. But hanging over that joy was a pall of doubt and shame: Was she doing something wrong? Was she hurting her baby?

She wasn't drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking drugs — she was simply overweight, a size 22W at 5 feet 4 inches tall. She'd been overweight most of her life.
She kept hearing the concerned voices of her husband and family telling her, months earlier, that she should really "get her weight under control" before she got pregnant. She kept thinking about all the warnings she'd read in the news about plus-size women having gestational diabetes and their babies having birth defects.
"When I got pregnant, at first I was sad because I was so worried," says the 27-year-old. "I should have been happy." Unfortunately, Erazo's not alone.

Guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists urge healthcare professionals to counsel plus-size women to lose weight before pregnancy, limit weight gain during pregnancy, and lose baby weight quickly after pregnancy. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks being overweight or obese during pregnancy nearly at the same risk level as uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, or drinking.
With all the warnings out there about how dangerous it is to be overweight — and the phrase "obesity epidemic" appearing regularly in the news — it's no surprise that women like Erazo feel anxious and guilty about their pregnancies and spend at least part of the time feeling bad about themselves

Having a Positive Plus-Size Pregnancy - MSN Health - Pregnancy
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20 ways to surprise your love

Model Credit: Sophie Limnatitis

  1. Cook dinner. When your sweetie gets home from a hard day at work, have a meal waiting for him or her! It doesn't need to be anything elaborate, but it can save them some time, and help them unwind. 
  2. Have someone else cook dinner. Better yet, have someone else cook! You can either order in pizza, Chinese or gourmet, or hire a local chef to come to your house to create a masterpiece in your own kitchen. This is a great way to say "I love you!" 
  3. Send flowers or a gift to work. Catch them when they least expect it! Send a bouquet or a gift to your honey at work. It will make coworkers envious and let your love know you were thinking about him/her. 
  4. Show up at work. Instead of having something delivered, bring it by yourself. Or show up at lunchtime and ask her out to an impromptu lunch - even if it's a walk to the deli to pick up a sandwich. 
  5. Plan a trip and don't tell them where you're going. Take a day or a weekend and plan a trip to a place your honey has always wanted to go…an amusement park, a bed and breakfast, or the closest city. Tell your sweetie to pack a bag, but refuse to tell them where you are going - if necessary blindfold them on the way there. Or if you're planning on spending a night at the finest hotel in your town,  pack the bags yourself and leave a note telling them where they can find you. Once they figure out your surprise, you will be a hero for planning something so romantic! 
  6. Make something. Go to a make-your-own pottery place and create a custom vase. Or make a card on your computer. Or knit a scarf. Taking the time to make something for your mate always means more than picking something up at the mall, so let your creativeness shine through! 
  7. Compile pictures. Collect pictures of the two of you and create a photo album or a CD-Rom showcasing your memories. Alternatively, create a photo collage and frame it as a gift. It will show your partner that the memories you share mean so much to you. 
  8. Send them to a spa. Pamper your love by banishing them…to a spa! Whether it's one service, or a day of relaxation and/or beauty, this will be a surprise that will last for a long time. Even better, surprise them with a couples massage at a spa. Here, you receive massages side by side, so you can experience the relaxation together! 
  9. Write a poem. So you're not Shakespeare, but a sonnet from you is more magical. Take pen to paper and, using your lover as your muse, try to create a few lines describing your love. It need not rhyme, just be sure to let your feelings come out. You can even copy it onto parchment paper and create a scroll. Finally, rather than just hand the masterpiece over, why not read it to the intended…the impact will be greater! 
  10. Serenade. Sing them a song! A love song, while preferred, is not necessary - get as goofy as you want. You can even create a movie scene by singing from the street so that your lover must come to the door or window to hear your music. Even if it's just karaoke, a classic serenade is a romantic ploy that never goes out of style. 
  11. Paint a portrait. Pull out your watercolors (or Crayola's) and draw your lover's portrait the way you see her. It is something that can be fun for you both and your talents will surprise her. If you are more prone to stick figures than still life, though, you might want to explore any of these other options… 
  12. Clean the house. Or even just a room. Make life easier for the one you love my making sure they come home to a serene environment. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Swiffering the floor and tossing the garbage is enough to make your partner sigh when s/he walks in the door. 
  13. Pick them up from the airport. Is your sweetie away on a business trip? Why not show up at the airport with a sign and a smile? Sure, the company could pay for a limo, but after a long flight home, your face (and thoughtfulness) will outshine any company perk! 
  14. Striptease. Not for the faint of heart, but you can take your lover's breath away with a little taste of a striptease. For amateurs who may be a little self-conscious, you need not go all the way. Even the idea will surprise your mate and leave him wanting more! 
  15. Place perfume or rose petals on the sheets. With some scented lined spray or actual rose petals, you can transform your bedroom into a royal boudoir! Add some candles and soft music and your sweetheart will be shocked at the new mood in the room!
  16. Draw a bath. After a long day or at the beginning of a fun weekend, draw a bath for your honey. Be sure to pull out all the stops - bath oils, salts, bubbles, scrubs, candle, magazines. Then watch your honey blissfully melt into relaxation! 
  17. Light candles. Find every candle in the house, bring them into the living room and light each and every one of them. When your partner walks into the room, it will be a beautiful romantic wonderland!!
  18. Jump in the shower. Next weekend, when your honey takes his morning shower, surprise him by jumping in with him! It will kill two birds with one stone - you get clean and he gets a surprise! 
  19. Buy tickets. Surprise your companion with tickets - to anything! A movie, a play, a concert a museum….it will be an outing you can both enjoy - together! 
  20. Massage. Instead of sending your sweetie to a spa, do it yourself. Pamper her with a personalized massage. She will love you for it! Be prepared - you may be called upon often for a massage once she learns of your massage prowess!